Lobotomy Corporation English Demo Version Release!

Hi guys!

Finally Lobotomy Corp English Demo version is released!

Thank you for waiting our game.

In this demo version you can play until 10 days(in game time) and management 8 abnormalites!

We are still developing hard to complete this game!

If you have any question about the game. feel free to ask us anytime!

Thank you!

* This version support only 64bit windows (sorry)

[ English version ]
English version Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/fr45wv8jfecjqx7/LobotomyCorp_Demo_en.zip?dl=0


Hi we fixed some bugs.

As you see we have a lot of problem of translation, UI

We make an effort to develop this game.

( We do not have native English friends…T_T)

This play game video will help you to catch some game play flow.


Play video :